clickMyMUSIC is free for everyone who wish to be part of our music community. This free membership also allows you to share performances.

If you wish to learn songs, whether you can read music or not, clickMyMUSIC offers two subscription options.



USD19.90 per month

USD 29.90 per month

Access to 2 song tutorials (cannot read music) or 3 song sheets (can read music)

Access to 4 song tutorials (cannot read music) or 6 song sheets (can read music)

Purchase a yearly subscription for the price of 10 months (2 mths free)

Purchase a yearly subscription for the price of 10 months (2 mths free)

Unlimited uploading of performances

Unlimited uploading of performances

Receive teacher feedback on every performance uploaded

Receive teacher feedback on every performance uploaded

Access to additional presentations, webinars, and information made available by clickMyMUSIC

Access to additional presentations, webinars, and information made available by clickMyMUSIC

Cancellation at any time. No admin fee

Cancellation at any time. No admin fee


clickMyMUSIC provides you a free song tutorial or song sheet to determine your interest when you register.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalty.

Cancellation will take effect from the end of the month you cancel.

Subscription can be changed from one type to another (e.g., Standard to Premium) at the end of each month

Our program is aimed is to encourage everyone who share a passion to perform music, whether beginner or experienced, young or old, to learn in a new social way.

No, clickMyMUSIC is designed to be truly for all ages and experience levels.

We want to enable everyone who shares a music interest to participate and be part of clickMyMUSIC.

With this in mind, we have created a platform which provides song learning for different levels, beginner or experienced.

clickMyMUSIC accommodates people who have not have previous experience in reading western music as well as those who can read western music.

If you cannot read western music, or lack confidence, we recommend you follow 'I Want To Learn And Cannot Read Music.' clickMyMUSIC teaches songs for you to play which does not assume you can read western music.

If you can read western music, clickMyMUSIC provides songs for you to play in traditional western music format. 

Learning through clickMyMUSIC takes place via song tutorials (cannot read music) which contain notation, hand position, lyrics, animation and audio tracks easily downloaded to enable very structured and guided learning.

clickMyMUSIC also offers learning via song sheets (can read music) for more advanced learners which also contain notation, hand position, and lyrics easily downloaded.

clickMyMUSIC provides guidance on how to easily and simply record your performances. Once completed, you simply forward your performance video to us, and we take care of the rest by uploading and sharing with people in the community who share your same interest and appetite for music.

Coming Soon.

There is no limit on the number of songs you can upload. To comply with copyright and licenses requirements, the songs to be uploaded need to be songs which clickMyMUSIC has made available for learning through our website. These songs have been cleared for performance and sharing. 

Currently, the piano and keyboard can be learnt. Shortly, Guitar will be offered.

To operate clickMyMUSIC, all you need is a computer, speaker and internet connection.

For those of you who do not have an instrument, we provide an online keyboard you can use to practice and perform songs.

We want everyone interested to participate, and so seek to eliminate any possible barriers.

Feedback on performances will be provided by community members as well as clickMyMUSIC Gurus and will appear as part of your profile site. 

Coming Soon.

clickMyMUSIC aims for at least on clickMyMUSIC Guru comment to be received within 48 hours of a video being upload.

Coming Soon.

Reward points are offered to members from undertaking a range of activities related to clickMyMUSIC including learning a song, uploading performances, commenting on performances, referring friends, etc. More information can be found in the 'Profile Section' under 'More About Points.'

Members can provide recommendations and request for songs they would like to learn. In addition, clickMyMUSIC will regularly ask you to vote for songs you would like to learn.

Why? We want clickMyMUSIC’s music platform to be about you, for you to enjoy the most you can.

Before we can commit to your request, we must ensure we have received copyright approval from music publishers to ensure we respect and honour copyright laws.

However, rest assured we will do the best we can to meet your choice.

You can refer Friends to clickMyMUSIC through our 'Refer A Friend' section under 'Profile Settings.' To recognise your assistance, we provide you points you accumulate for friends referred. To find out more, please look in 'Profile Section' under 'More About Points.'

clickMyMUSIC offers certificates and rewards for stages reached to showcase your development and achievement. As different stages are reached, clickMyMUSIC offers additional benefits to encourage your continued learning and progress.

Refunds may be given at the discretion of the management.